Chaco DocumentationΒΆ

Chaco is a Python toolkit for building interactive 2-D visualizations. It includes renderers for many popular plot types, built-in implementations of common interactions with those plots, and a framework for extending and customizing plots and interactions. Chaco can also render graphics in a non-interactive fashion to images, in either raster or vector formats, and it has a subpackage for doing command-line plotting or simple scripting.

Chaco is built on three other Enthought packages:

  • Traits, as an event notification framework
  • Kiva, for rendering 2-D graphics to a variety of backends across platforms
  • Enable, as a framework for writing interactive visual components, and for abstracting away GUI-toolkit-specific details of mouse and keyboard handling

Currently, Chaco requires either wxPython or PyQt to display interactive plots, but a cross-platform OpenGL backend (using Pyglet) is in the works, and it will not require WX or Qt.

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