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Installation Types

The Enthought Tool Suite is an open source project and can be installed in several ways:

Enthought Canopy

Do you need to install Python, either from scratch or updating to a newer version? Do you need a "one-step" installation of Python and a big bundle of goodies (for example, for a lab, workgroup, or classroom)?
— Download Enthought Canopy, for a complete installation that includes Python, NumPy, SciPy, Matplotlib, IPython, 100+ other open source python packages including the Enthought Tool Suite (ETS), and an analysis environment with editor, IPython prompt and streamlined package updates. Canopy is free for academic use, and fee-based for commercial use. Canopy Express includes a subset of the key scientific libraries with ETS, and is available for free.

Python Package Index

ETS is available for installation from the Python Package Index.

Source code download

Do you already have Python and want to pick and choose projects to install? Do you want to contribute code to the Enthought Tool Suite (ETS)? Download the ETS source code and build ETS yourself.