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Explicit type declarations; validation; initialization; delegation; notification; visualization.

Traits documentation; more info on Traits


Interactive and scriptable 3-D visualization.

Mayavi documentation; more info on Mayavi


Interactive 2-D plotting for applications.

Chaco documentation; more info on Chaco

Enthought Tool Suite

Get Traits, Chaco, and Mayavi, as well as all the other open source projects that Enthought has created for building scientific applications:

  • Enaml: Library for creating professional quality user interfaces combining a domain specific declarative language with a constraints based layout.
  • TraitsUI: A UI layer that supports the visualization features of Traits. Implementations using wxWidgets and Qt are provided by the TraitsBackendWX and TraitsBackendQt projects.
  • Envisage: Python-based framework for building extensible (plugin-based) applications.
  • Pyface: toolkit-independent GUI abstraction layer, which is used to support the "visualization" features of the Traits package.
  • BlockCanvas: Visual environment for creating simulation experiments, where function and data are separated using CodeTools.
  • GraphCanvas: library for interacting with visualizations of complex graphs.
  • Enable: Object drawing library and PDF vector drawing engine.
  • SciMath: Convenience libraries for math, interpolation, and units
  • Casuarius: supports constraints based layout in Enaml by wrapping Cassowary.
  • AppTools: General tools for ETS application development: scripting, logging, preferences, ...
  • EnCore: Core tools for application development (only depends on the Standard library).
  • and more...

More info on ETS & documentation

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